Our Staff

General Management

The Club Executive is responsible for leading Club YIFF, and manages below staff and departments to ensure that everything runs smoothly

General Manager


General Manager

Kage Ashru

Scoobysnax Biscuit



The Security is responsible for keeping peace in Club YIFF, and is charged with ensuring that all guests and patrons have an enjoyable time.

Security Manager  Security Manager Security Officer
Bizbon Wildfur (bizbon.blackheart) Taiga (RubenZane) Bunny.EXE (jessibunny)
Security Officer Security Officer Security Officer
ƧƛƘƲƦƛ ƑԼƲƑƑƳƁƲƬƬ ƧƠƝƊЄƦƧƔƛƦƊ (jriddler) Matthew (sirwinsalot.tiki) Volakos (tehfoxx)
Security Officer Security Officer Security Officer
Bentley wolves the giant (bentleywolves) ÐЯ. ZΞUSS (zeuscomplex) 刀αηçリ Ⓕûzzß û (nancynewb)
Security Officer Security Officer Security Officer
ᴄ ʜ ᴀ ɪ ɴ s ᴀ ᴡ (lintegrisse) Skye (davidrose18) Tucker Käre (tucvenkare)
Security Officer Security Officer Security Officer
Muthsera Lεχy (foxxtrot) D.bunny (goofiedumbphuck)

DJ Management

The DJs are a core aspect of Club YIFF, providing you with their own variety and taste in music, giving everyone a true club like experience.

DJ Manager DJ Manager
Dark Dragon (dd.otoole) Cloud Strife (ssdkel)
Dj Vexy 2 sl_image
DJ Manager DJ Manager
Vexy Morbid (vexyx0x) Otterboy (dustin69692004.aabye)


Unfortunately we have too many DJs come and go, to be able to keep an updated list
However, you can check out the DJ schedule and find your favourite DJs.