House Rules

In order to have a peaceful and enjoyable club for all, we have a few house rules.

All Species, Genders, & Sexual Orientations Are Welcome!
1. No Drama, No Griefing, No Arseholes.

2. No Musical Gestures or Excessive Gesture Spam this includes bumpers (there is no need or reason to run into one person repeatedly). No repeat or spamming gestures to the point where you just scroll the local chat endlessly.

3. Weapons of any kind must be holstered at all times. We allow them for decorative purposes but walking around with them in hand or an attempt to use them is forbidden. There are some exceptions to this rule like BDSM play equipment like whips or canes. However if you use one of these to harrass another patron you may be asked to remove it.
No Bloodlines. We consider this a unholstered weapon.

4. No Advertising of Any Business, Event, Group, or Clubs, Other Than Related To YIFF Club. This Includes Local Chat, Group Chat, Inventory Transfer (aka. Notecard Spam), Voice, or Any Other Medium Not Mentioned Here Unless Approved By Management.

5. Public Sex Is Allowed including local chat RP (No Voice).

6. No Macro AV’s of any ridiculously large size (In other words no dinosaurs, overly massive dragons, or anything else of the sort.) There simply too large and crowd the club.

7. This Is An Adult Club: No Underage Avatars, Individuals, or Ageplay Allowed And You Will Be Immediately Ejected.

8. Voice Is Allowed: Be Respectful To Others & The DJ, Keep Volume In Check & Must Use Push-to-Talk (To Prevent Echo/Bg Noise When Not Speaking).
Please show common courtesy to other patrons and staff. No yelling repeated profanities at anyone or causing a major disruption via the local chat.

9. Harassment will not be tolerated (NO BULLYING in local OR IMS/ AND NO MEANS NO)No cumming or peeing animations on other patrons or staff unless that kind of activity is invited by them. Doing it without their permission constitutes harassment.

10. No personal tip jars except for YIFF DJ’s and YIFF event hosts.

11. As our poles are open for public use we ask you Do Not AFK or Block Others from use on them as it is rude to other members or those who may wish to try at earning some L’s Roleplay is Encouraged.

– If someone does violate any of the rules they will first be IM’d by YIFF security or management and asked to stop. Further non-compliance may result in being ejected from the club. If you have any questions please feel free to IM any YIFF managers or security personal for additional clarification. –

If you feel someone is being disruptive, feel free to contact any of our staff.