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wholesale Floor Sweeper
Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Brief Introduction:
Consist of brushes, sprayer, dust collector, our Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines is mainly to clean/sweep floor in workshop, communities and etc.
Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Structure:
Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Features:
a.Combined with dust collect, sweep, water spray, equipped with MP3 player port, mobile/ cup storage box;
b.Internally installed with strong dust control system, strong vacuuming ability, sweeping width 1800mm;
c.Advanced and high potency maintenance-free battery, non-leak, non-harmful gas;
d.Adopt advanced sweeping-throwing tech, dust collect box theoretical use ratio too 100%;
e.Reliable high quality parts, which brings down the maintenance cost effectively;
f.Airport exclusive solid tyres, sturdy and durable;
g.Dedicated electronic control system, over-current, under-voltage protection, aggravated chassis, larger trash containers.
Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Advantages:
a.High efficiency, sweep 8000-10000m2 per hour, equals to 10-15 dustman;
b.Long working time, continuous working 6-8 hours per charge, sweeping more than 60000 m2;
c.Invest one machine will recovery the cost soon;
d.Machine working will improve the owners’ overall image;
e.Machine instead of human, it’s a revolution in cleaning industry.
Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Details:
Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Technical Parameters
No. Item Parameters
1Sweeping Width(mm)1800
2Max Sweeping Capacity(m2/h)13000
3Brush Quantity(pcs)4
4Main Brush Length(mm)800
6Max Continuous Working Time(H)6-8
7Dustbin Volume(L)150
8Water Tank Volume(L)30
9Driving Motor(W)1200/1500/2200
10Working Motor(W)Main Brush: 700W
Blower: 250W
Side Brush: 100W*4
Dust Vibration: 100W
11Turning Radius(°)0 (Turning Spirally)
12Max Sweeping Speed(km/h)5
13Max Travel Speed(km/h)8
14Filtering Area(m2)5
16Weight(kg)700wholesale Floor Sweeper

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